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"Food is either your MEDICINE or your POISON!"


We have discovered the FOUNTAIN of YOUTH!  We employ a plant-based system that helps the body heal itself.  Our programs help you improve your physical, mental, spiritual, and sexual health.  


Modern conveniences and food like substances are making us sick, killing us slowly and some of us quickly. In order to attain optimum health, we must eat foods with MINERALS.  

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 Detoxing from a Toxic World 

 Lucinda M. Deason, Ph.D. 

 Our health is our wealth! Many modern day industrial and technological advances are harming our health. It’s challenging to attain and maintain optimum health when we are bombarded by toxins in the air, soil, water, foods, and medications. Most health experts are focusing on the foods we consume. 
We need to shift our focus to include the air we breathe and the water we drink and bathe in. Think about it. We can go longer without food than we can without water. Further, we can live longer without water than we can go without air. Hence, the utmost priority should be given to air quality, then water quality, and lastly food quality. 
We have to take steps to protect our health. One of the ways we can rid our bodies of toxins is to routinely detox our bodies. There are an innumerable amount of detoxes on the market. Some are inorganic and others are organic. Our body does not benefit from inorganic substances. Instead, it was designed to consume organic plant-based products. My customized sole detox contains only nature-made ingredients. It has well over 50 health benefits including, cleaning your cells from the inside out, balancing blood pressure, balancing blood sugar, removing toxins and heavy metals, cleansing the colon and much more.
We must begin taking steps to make detoxing are part of our daily routines so that we can help our bodies regenerate and attain optimum health!

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 These are ingenious remedies, and they work! My physicians are smiling over my progress, and again I thank you immensely for helping me and guiding me. As you said - "We don't live to eat, we eat to live".  

Jen Smith

The regimen and dietary changes that you recommended have made a significant improvement in my well-being and immunity! The pink Himalayan salt essential oil scrubs, the nourishing, emollient skin food, the negative ion pads, frankincense and myrrh oil, and workout regimen have me feeling great!  

Karen Dowling

 It is one week since I have not taken any insulin.  For 2 1/2 months I have been on the program and what wonderful results I have accomplished.   

James Middleford

Keep up the amazing work, Dr. Lucy! You are truly making a difference in our quality of life as we feel better, gain exuberant good health and vitality, and just as importantly, establish a peace of mind.

Jane Citizen

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