Speaker.  Author.  Alchemist.

Dr. Lucinda Marie Deason has over 20 years of experience as a speaker, facilitator, consultant, trainer and coach on holistic health topics and sexual assault prevention. She has served Colleges and Universities, School Systems, Professional Conferences, Business Organizations, Youth Groups, Hospitals, Health Departments, Churches, Human Service Organizations, and Alternative Health Organizations.

She is the owner of Optimum Wellness Lifestyle (OWL) Club, a holistic health company where she is the principle speaker and facilitator for keynotes, trainings/workshops, retreats, and sexual harassment policymaking and implementation planning for government, for-profit, and not-for-profit organizations.
Dr. Deason has helped thousands of lives by providing people with effective services and products that help them to attain and maintain optimum health with alkaline foods and negative ion products. She has also helped countless girls and women equip themselves with spiritual, mental, and physical strategies to enhance their personal safety. She is a visionary and alchemist who promotes the usage of spiritual, mental, and physical practices to attain optimum health and enhance personal safety. She practices what she preaches and is passionate about helping others improve their health naturally in this TOXIC WORLD. Today, Dr. Lucinda Marie Deason is committed to educating, training, and helping others improve their health and safety one conversation at a time!